Acty System India Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based information technology services and business solutions company founded with the sole aim of combining the vast expertise of the Indian engineers with the Japanese business management.

  • System Integration
  • System Integration Image
  • SI Division caters to streamline and integrate business process and IT systems by embracing emerging technologies to provide custom solutions for Manufacturing, CRM, HR, Supply Chain etc to wide range of enteprises.
  • Engineering System
  • Engineering System Image
  • ES Division provides engineering solutions by aiding clients in all areas of Product Development. ES caters to development of Measurement systems, Image Analysis, Audio & Acoustic processing, Simulation Model Management, CG Authoring Tools etc.
  • Business Support
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  • BS Division services clients in the construction and management of core systems based on open networks. BS caters to a wide range of solutions from managing Mainframes to delivering SAP services.